Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage from Kitchen Sink

The water damage in the before and after pictures was caused by a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. The water traveled from the kitchen and affected the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This is a mold remediation, we performed in a home in Arcadia, CA. Upon cutting the walls, we discovered 4 ft of mold behind the drywall. We scrubbed and saniti... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up

This is sewer damage in a bathroom in Pasadena, CA. The sewer back up was caused by a clogged drain in the downstairs bathroom. Our crew cleaned all affected ar... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

This water damage occurred when a water sprinkler pipe burst and flooded the downstairs basement. As a result there was 4 ft of water throughout the entire base... READ MORE

Fire damage

We got this call from a local market. The SERVPRO crew start taking out contents and begin disposal of all debris . The SERVPRO crew also set up equipment's air... READ MORE

Bio-hazard Clean-Up

This was a BIO-hazard clean up in Pasadena, CA. We got a call from our customer letting us know the situation.  Two bodies that were found deceased in the ... READ MORE

Local Market Fire

This is a local market that caught on fire in El Monte, CA.The SERVPRO crew start taking out contents and begin disposal of all debris . This location did not h... READ MORE

Sewage back up

This was a sewage back up that started from the master bathroom of the house, customer reported to us that sewage appeared to be spewing out like a "geyser". SE... READ MORE

Electric Heater Fire Damage Pasadena, CA

This customer had experienced a fire damage which was caused by an old fashion wall unit electric heater. The heater burned a towel and started a fire in t... READ MORE

Mold Growth After Water Damage in Pasadena, CA

SERVPRO of Arcadia was initially called by a customer in Pasadena, CA to take care of a water damage that was caused by a broken pipe in the Bathroom and Bedroo... READ MORE