What our Customers say...

Biohazard Testimonials

Thank you SERVPRO for providing sanitizing and clean up at my house. Our dog had  passed away in our home and a friend pointed us to SERVPRO Pasadena , they came  & clean up the mess and sanitize the house.  I never knew they service bio-hazard clean up . Great job. 

 We never knew we had a problem until one day we noticed our ceiling turning into a orange color tone. My first thought was that it might be mold maybe i had a pipe up there leaking there was also a nasty odor . That was when i called SERVPRO they came in timely matter Kathy in the office was so nice and helpful. 

They checked the attic and noticed it was not mold or a water damage it was about 2-4 dead opossums. We dont know how they got up there but they were stuck with no way to get out so ended up dying ! SERVPRO then took steps into cleaning and restoring our home and removing feces and  the nasty odors.

Thank you SERVPRO